About us.

Laurent Pestre (Founder)

Arnaud Friedel (Web design/Investor)

Max Bermond (Paris Antenna)

Laurent Pestre, Initial founder of Thillier TIme, has always looked for collections items, but he was always more focused on timepieces. His real passion started for Rolex when he was able to purchase his very first vintage. By 2016, Laurent had decided to turn his passion into a professional career in 2019

He is staying a true collector at heart, he continues to buy watches for himself, and believe to sell at the price he would pay.

Arnaud, also a collector, build the website and manage the interface. He build up a little collection with the help of Laurent an then invested in the company.

Based in Montreal, Canada and also with offices in Paris, France thanks to Max, we travel extensively between the two looking for the best quality and rarest pieces we can find to add to our customers collections.

We deal in all kinds of mechanical watches but with an obvious focus on the Rolex Brand, even more on the vintage Rolex models from the 1950’s forward. Our goal is simple! We provide quality pieces that do not come with worries. Often vintage Rolex comes with their “issues “.

We carry a stock of pieces from all levels of the collecting spectrum and at various price points. If you have a specific requirement feel free to notify us directly as not all pieces make it to our website.

We use our experience and work as much time as needed on the watch so you can sleep well at night.