About us.

Laurent Pestre (Founder)

Laurent Pestre, initial founder and owner of Thillier Time, has always looked for collectors items, with a primary focus towards timepieces. His true passion and love for horology came from the very first vintage Rolex he was able to purchase back in 2013.

After a few years of collecting, Laurent decided to turn his passion into a professional career. Being a true collector at heart, his vision remains “wearing the customer’s hat” by selling at prices he would always be willing to pay and disclosing all possible flaws on any given sale.

Arnaud Friedel (Web design/Investor)

Arnaud Friedel, also a collector at heart, built the website and now manages the interface, given his passion and expertise for user experience and attention to details. Through the years, while investing within the company, Thillier Time harvested a few of his grail watches which he now holds and truly cherishes.

Marc-Olivier Pilote (Partner/Co-owner)

Marc-Olivier Pilote started Horologynious a few years back with the mission of bringing horology’s finest ingenuity to the masses. He developed an eye for the most unique and interesting timepieces while exploiting the local market. His passion for watches came from the complexity behind the dial.

Marc and Laurent ultimately decided to merge their businesses and operate as a unit under the name and reputation of Thillier Time. He now harvests on a worldwide scale for the most desirable and coveted watches.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Thillier Time also has a branch located in Paris, France. We, therefore, travel extensively between the two locations in order to offer the rarest and most desired pieces for our loyal customers and collectors.


Max Bermond (Original Watches)

Max Bermond started his watch journey back in 2016 with a stunning Rolex Datejust 1601. He always kept his first one, but could never settle for a second keeper.

Given the indecisiveness, he started trading watches and the hobby quickly became a business. Max had been working with Thillier Time for several years before starting his own venture in February 2020. He still works very closely with the Montreal head office and helps facilitate the transactions in Europe.


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